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Chinese Suction Set. Produce unique sensations on nipples, clitoris, penis, or just about any body part.  Two each of six sizes.  Easy to use and great price!
Douches and Squirts

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Handball Douche in Black


Handball Douche in Red


Balloon squirt with rubber ball (large)


Balloon squirt with rubber ball (small )



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Plastic Speculum


Rectal Speculum, 2 blades


Rectal Speculum, 3 blades


Bar Rectal Speculum


Vaginal Speculum


Anal Spreader


Enema Kits, Catheters, Syringes, Rectal Balloons

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2 Liter Enema Kit


Portable Enema Kit


Plastic Urine Bag


Catheters available in Small, Medium, or Large.  Easily connected to our urine bag or use for urethra stretching exercises.


Rectal explorer with hose and pump (inflatable).  Experience the ultimate in that "Full Feeling."


Chrome Syringe in 4 Sizes


Urethra Stretching, Pinwheels, Forceps, Cuffs, and Scopes

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 1 Piercing Forceps (stainless steel)


Blood Pressure Cuff - Indicator





Stainless Steel Dental Retractor Mouth Gag

Perfect for Urethra (Pee Hole) Stretching!   Sound Set (14 sizes) complete with leather case

Perfect for Urethra (Pee Hole) Stretching!  Sounds in 14 different sizes - each sold separate


Wheel of Pain Pinwheel, Wartenberg,  Neurowheel

Wheel of Pain Pinwheel, Black Painted Metal, Wartenberg, Neurowheel

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