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CLT12, CLT12 Women's Bee to nectar waistband with blue or black gem in Silver By Sylvie Monthule:

CLT12.1.blusmall 24-26", blue gemAvailable
CLT12.1.blasmall 24-26", black gemAvailable
CLT12.2.blumedium 26-29", blue gemAvailable
CLT12.2.blamedium 26-29", black gemAvailable
CLT12.3.bluLarge 29-31", blue gemAvailable
CLT12.3.blaLarge 29-31", black gemAvailable
CLT12.4.bluXL 31-35" waist, blue gemAvailable
CLT12.4.blaXL 31-35" waist, black gemAvailable
CLT12.5.bluXXL 35-45" waist, blue gemAvailable
CLT12.5.blaXXL 35-45" waist, black gemAvailable


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