7385 Leather Weighted Ball Spreader 450 gr / 1 lb
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7385 Leather Weighted Ball Spreader 450 gr / 1 lb
7385 Leather Weighted Ball Spreader 450 gr / 1 lb
( 7385 )

Each Sold Separate. Super Soft Leather. Two Weight Options Available.

* 385 = 1.38in inner diameter, 2.0 in (5cm) wide and 450 grams $51.95

* 386 = 1.38in inner diameter, 2.0 in (5 cm) wide and 650 grams $59.95

These fine quality, ball stretchers have a 1.38 inch (35mm) inner diameter, and vary by weight. Easy double snap closure with sturdy construction and stitching to last for years. Made by Rimba. Comfortable, fun, unique, and looks great! Don't let the weight scare you! Both the 385 and 386 fit comfortably for hours with a pleasant, snug little reminder they're as ready as you are for some action! Don't just look - Buy it! Try it! You won't be disappointed. These are among our hottest selling items! .

Due to the weight of this item, an additional $1.00 will be added to our low shipping fees. 2 weight options available. Each Sold Separate.

385 - 450 grams $51.95

386 - 650 grams $59.95

Price:   $57.95

Availablility:   Available


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