7880 Electro Sex Digital Power Unit, Dual Channel

7880 Electro Sex Digital Power Unit, Dual Channel
7880 Electro Sex Digital Power Unit, Dual Channel
( 7880 )

New Lower Price! Was $129.95, now $109.95. This is the original Rimba unit, with full warranty and box, not a copy!

Before our new four channel digital power (7890) unit was introduced, this power unit was the most advanced Electro Sex massage therapy device ever introduced for the retail market. With 7 programs from which to choose, the user can experience slow soft stroking, massage, and even acupuncture. It is not intended for provoking painful sensations, just the most intense orgasms you have ever experienced! The unit has 16 power levels to accommodate everyone from the first time user to the most intense users. Programs can be set to automatically cycle through all seven massage therapy modes or stay in one mode for a user programmed length of time. The digital LCD display on the hand held unit is easy to read and program.

The unit has two bi-polar channels for connection to more than 35 available attachments! Each channel can individually power several sizes of metal and silicone vaginal and anal devices plus a variety of skin pads, cock rings, breast cups, penis straps & sounds.

For the most comfortable experience, please use the Gel, item Nr. 3000. The gel is necessary to help spread the electrical current over the skin. Without the gel, using dry skin, the current concentrates to one point and can be uncomfortable!

Available in an attractive easy to store hinged display box with separate compartments inside for all the components. Comes with a luxuriously soft sleeve over the box and sealed in plastic wrap.

Item number 7880 contains: one dual channel digital power unit with LCD display, 2 adhesive skin pads with holders for storage, 2 lead wires for connection to accessories, 3 AAA batteries, and complete manual.

Electro Sex Digital Powerbox Manual - Instructions

Due to the weight of this item, an additional $1.00 will be added to our low shipping fees.

Price:   $109.95

Availablility:   Available


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