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Sexy Temporary Tattoos

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Cum Slut

Fuck Toy

Dirty Girl

Put Cock Here


Fuck Me

I Swallow

Hot Wife

Use Me

Punish Me


BBC Only

Nasty Slut



I Love BBC

Lick My Cunt

Sub Slut



Ultra Sexy Temporary Tattoos Designs.  Thinking of tempting someone special?  Want some special attention?  Try our temporary tattoo designs!

How are the temporary tattoos applied?
After opening, wipe a damp cloth across skin where the tattoo is to be applied.  Place image side toward skin. Press a wet towel, paper towel, or sponge to the back side of the temporary tattoo for 30 seconds. Slowly remove paper backing from skin. Allow temporary tattoo to dry before touching or covering with clothing.

How are the temporary tattoos removed?
Temporary tattoos can be removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. The temporary tattoos are resistant to water
and mild soaps.

Are the tattoos safe?  Yes, we only use the highest grade ink meeting and exceeding FDA guidelines for lead and other chemicals. 

How long do the temporary tattoos last on skin?
3-7 Days, depending upon how active the area is. Mid back will last 7+ days. Waist line with clothing rubbing the tattoo will only last a few days.

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